A True Labor of Love

The Craft Mill began as a true labor of love. Between my regular daytime job, raising and homeschooling our granddaughter, community involvement and my husband's 12 hour evening law enforcement shifts we just weren't seeing one another. 

I grew up with the understanding that family comes before everything else and I was determined to put that belief into action. I knew I wanted to do something from home but what?! Then, someone told me about Etsy. I've always handmade gifts for loved ones and decor for our home so I decided to give Etsy a try. 

We didn't have a lot so in 2012 The Craft Mill began with $100 in cash and a $50 Joann's gift card. Though the first year or two was more about experimenting and finding my niche; I eventually landed in handmade jewelry. In the beginning every dollar went back into The Craft Mill for supplies and tools. The process was slow and there were times when I began to think I had made a mistake. Looking back, I am so glad I made the decision that I did. 

Now, even greater things are in the works for our little company. We’re growing! On top of handcrafted jewelry we are also adding home décor, wedding décor and furniture to our product line. And to top things off, we’re looking into our very first brick and mortar store! Exciting right? We are also a green company as many of our products are either fully or partially created from upcycled materials such as refurbished wood and metal.

The Craft Mill was created as a way to spend more time with my family & give a more meaningful life to my granddaughter. Not only is that now a possibility but I'm doing something for a living that I absolutely love. I get to make beautiful things and put a smile on someone's face with each piece that's sold.

Hopefully you will join us here at our blog as we begin to share fun DIY tutorials and how-to videos, talk about up and coming trends and post the occasional giveaways and contests. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us at The Craft Mill! We can’t wait to get to know all of you!

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