Life Is a Circus

Life is a struggle, but when you add in trying to operate a small business it can become a real juggling act. If you have people to help you out it is not so bad. However, when you are already working 40 hours a week and having to balance out your home life, laundry, cooking, kids, etc. you instantly turn into a clown pretending to know how to juggle while riding a bear.

Your main job brings in enough stress to your life and when you get home, nothing is better than getting into your wind down routine. Then the weekends are a bonus for time with family or friends. But we are talking about us entrepreneurs that have decided to go a step further in life and branch out of the mainstream work force. As soon as you get home, you figure out what you can get accomplished while the roast is in the slow cooker. On weekends you fit in any task you can in between holiday events, family get-togethers, kid events, or even that Pilates class that you’re dying to take.

For us, it has been completing our business degrees, homeschooling a middle school aged child, grading papers, figuring out an agenda for her, keeping her involved, as well as helping us out with our work. But we manage to do it even though we sometimes want to rip our hair out or think about quitting every time the computer locks up or the machine we are operating decides that it’s Friday and time to go home. Some begin a side hustle for the extra cash but some of us do the struggle to get past the 9-5 rat race and get to where we see ourselves in our dreams. Is it worth it? That answer depends on you and how willing you are to go the extra mile and cry those tears to get it done.

Rome was not built in a day and neither are your dreams. While it can be devastating to see competitors or online muses getting where you want to be in such a short time, chips do not always fall where they may for everyone like we want it. It goes back to finding your niche or finding something new to work on. Whatever it is, keep it up and look forward to your future.  This IS your circus, and these ARE your monkeys. If you have a crowd of customers coming to you, the show will go on. Happy crafting from The Craft Mill.


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