Personalized Window Box DIY Kit Tutorial: Come Paint With Us


Are you ready to get your hands dirty and have some fun?!


Included in your kit:

  • Wood pieces
  • Paint
  • Sponges
  • Paint brushes
  • E6000 glue
  • Twine
  • Application sticks


What you Need:

  • Paper towels
  • Craft paper or newspaper
  • Paper plates
  • Baby wipes



  • Cover your table with newspaper or craft paper to protect it.
  • Have paper towels and wipes available for cleaning.
  • Place small wood pieces on newspaper.
  • Cut white sponges into thirds to aid with painting the smaller pieces.

 *Painter’s Tip*

I find it easier to make a list of each item and the color you intend to paint them. Then you can divide your pieces up in piles by color. This allows you to paint your pieces without bouncing back and forth between colors which may cause your paint to dry before you have completed your design.


Dab sponge into the paint. Dab off excess on newspaper or paper plate if you have one. (You do not want a lot of paint on the sponge) Dab-dab-dab the paint onto the wooden pieces. Each layer will be light. Paint on 3 layers or until you get the desired look. Let the paint dry completely before gluing any pieces together. Go crazy with the colors or keep it clean and simple. The choice is all yours!

For the actual window box I combined colors to make a grayish brown paint. I then used the sponges to apply the paint evenly (the layer doesn’t have to be thick because you will be removing most of it with the next step). Now, using one of your baby wipes, start at one end and wipe across with one steady motion to the other side. Do this until you have the desired “stained” look on your wood. You can also choose to do a solid paint color on your window box if you prefer something other than a stained look.

 *Painter’s Tip*

If you would like to add a little POP to some of your pieces, dry brushing is the way to go! It adds a little bit of flare or oomph to the completed project. How do you dry brush you ask? Simply dip your brush or sponge into the paint (I prefer using a brush for more detailed strokes) and then dab most of it off onto the art paper or a paper towel. Then use your brush to add some streaks around the edges. I’ve added a quick video below. Wanna go a little crazy and add dry brush marks across the entire piece? Go for it! This is your project, and you should be happy.




Use glue to attach your completed pieces together. It does take some time to dry but small amounts of glue will hold everything together perfectly. After 10 minutes, if the pieces look like they are trying to separate, place something heavy on top of them until they are completely dry (usually 30 minutes). Thirty minutes seems like a long time, right? We choose E6000 glue for our projects because they give you time to adjust and size up your pieces. Traditional super glue dries very quickly leaving little room for error.

Refer to the completed kit photo if you need help deciding where to put the pieces.

The window box assembly may be a little confusing so here’s a diagram to help you out.


Note: The smaller spacers and rectangle go onto the front side of the window frame. The score lines in the top corners indicate that you have the front of the window box face up. The larger spacers and rectangle go on the back side. These will for the slots for your window inserts.

I glued all of the spacers to each other first, using small rubber bands to hold them together until they were dry. This step is optional, but it does help keep everything straight. Once they were dry, I then glued them to the correct sides of the board. This part takes the longest so it’s best to paint your box first and assemble it in between painting all of your small pieces.

Do it again:

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