Rebranding: Get Out of Your Rut

Every company, from the giant conglomerates to the small at-home business, enjoys thriving from the profits they make from the items they have created and sold. Eventually however, there comes a time in every brand’s life that it just seems to dull and lose that shine. Marketers get together in their think-tanks and come up with ideas on how to refresh their brand.

When you rebrand a product or business however you do not want to throw your consumers off with a whole new look. If you make a complete change to the appearance of your product your consumers may think that you eliminated that product completely. For example, Domino brand sugars are known for their bold yellow and white packaging and large blue fonts. If Domino was to suddenly make all of their packaging pastel purple, change up their logo and use smaller cursive fonts, customers would no longer recognize the brand at first sight and that’s a bad thing when most consumers live busy lives and don’t have the time to scan over every single product. Making simple, tasteful changes to your product will allow your consumers to visit the store or website, search for the item, and be surprised by a new look that is updated but still recognizable.

Or maybe its not the look that has lost its shimmer. Maybe you want to venture into a new logo, slogan, spokesperson, mission statement, etc. From time to time, your business or product may begin to date itself and show signs of needing an update, much like our ever-changing clothing trends.

For us, after a short hiatus, it was not about changing our store or who we were. It was about a new vision that we had for ourselves. We toyed with the idea of changing the name of our shop, but we decided to keep it The Craft Mill. The reason we decided this was because the store already has a loyal customer base and we did not want to cause any confusion. What we did decide on was something that we believed would vamp up our image, give us more focus, and bring in more customers.

After a few samples, we finally decided on a new logo and website banner. We also are going to slowly implement new methods of shipping and add all kinds of bells and whistles to our packaging in an effort to enhance our shoppers’ experience from start to finish. We have also decided to mostly get away from our previous items and venture into items that would be more cost effective to produce and sell while still providing the same great customer service and products that we have provided in the past.

Once we get going, it will be full force and with a brighter new look that will match our personality as a company. After all, belief in who you are, what you do, and how you do it are the basics of being a great entrepreneur. But in short, if you feel like you have plateaued in sales and new customers, it may be time to get a new mirror and get a fresh look at who you can be and where you want to go from here. Happy crafting from The Craft Mill!

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